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Inspire Cherished Memories With Oud This Eid Al Adha

Posted on July 21 2020

Oud fragrances for Eid Al Adha from Scentitude


As the joyous occasion of Eid Al Adha approaches we are reminded how blessed we are to have our friends and family around. A gift of oud perfume is the perfect way to express your deep appreciation of the ones closest to your heart.

Giving oud during Eid is a significant, meaningful gesture of love that will be evoked every time the fragrance is worn. A sincere gift to be treasured and enjoyed during the celebrations and throughout the rest of the year.

Challenging times have kept us separated lately and so there has never been a more important time to show your heartfelt appreciation towards loved ones. Aroma has the power to induce so many treasured memories. While oud is a spiritually rich gift of reflection, that shows how much love is within the bonds we share when together and apart.

As we celebrate Eid Al Adha, Scentitude presents an inspired collection of oud perfumes that arouse precious memories of the past and makes promises of wonderful times to come.

Unforgettable aromatic reminders of home, warmth and history bonded within these earthy, bold and intimate scents.


Esteban Paris Belle au Parfum de Oud

Layered with rich tones of wood, resin and florals that's blended delightfully with scents including mandarin and saffron to form a wonderful oriental fragrance.

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Salvezza Luxury Oud

An exquisite formula that is intoxicating, desirable and luxurious. A fragrance that lingers deliciously all day long and into the evenings.

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OUD Mood Collection

An opportunity to experience five exotic oud fragrances. Selected in Laos by Francis Kurkdjian for their exceptional olfactory qualities which reveals a unique aura in five mysterious and sensual compositions.

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OUD Silk Mood Eau de Parfum

Drawing inspiration from raw silk that flows beautifully, moves freely and settles softly with elegance and grace. The scent follows through with all the same qualities unfolding in an airy and sensual fashion.

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OUD Velvet Mood Extrait de Parfum

A majestic, enveloping signature fragrance. Oriental, spicy and undeniably exotic, this unisex extrait carries a worldly charm that embraces Ceylon, Laos and Brazil. Like always, the French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has passionately poured his soul into this liquid gold creation.

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OUD Extrait de Parfum

From the Orient, oud conveys mystery and sensuality. From Laos, its land of origin, it draws purity and refinement. This extrait de parfum is wrapped in a musk and vanilla accord that releases a harmony of spicy rich aromas.

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Nawab Of Oudh 

From renowned perfume house Ormonde Jayne, this fragrance will delight anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. A spicy and woody classic eau de parfum inspired by India to suit a stylish and enchanting man or woman who appreciates oud.

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OUD Satin Mood Eau de Parfum

Another astounding fabric inspired fragrance from olfactory artisan Francis Kurkdjian. With great skill and mastery he has enveloped oud in amber, violet, benzoin, vanilla and rose extracts to create something very special indeed.

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Aroma will always awaken recollection and it's the delectable smell of oud keeps those kindred memories alive - family gathered to celebrate by sharing homemade dishes, laughing, singing, telling stories and entertaining each other all day long.

A familiar yet sophisticated scent that has filled the air for centuries as several Eid celebrations have passed and will continue to do so for many more to come.