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Developing Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Posted on June 01 2020

Developing your fragrance wardrobe by Scentitude pefume online

There was a time when your dressing table most likely consisted of gifted fragrances with the occasional perfume bought from duty-free during that last holiday.

However, as your tastes and dress sense matures so the need for a collection of detailed perfumes arises.  Choosing an appropriate scent for a specific occasion is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, so here are some of our suggestions for developing a wonderful fragrance wardrobe of your own. 

Why Is Fragrance Important? 

Scent triggers very strong emotions and associations with memories and past feelings. In fact, it is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to generate feelings in both yourself and others.

Our olfactory sensors are connected to our limbic system, which is the centre of emotion in our brains. So choosing the right fragrance is undeniably important if you want to create an amiable and everlasting impression. 

Scents For A Job Interview

Keep it light and subtle so as not to overwhelm your interviewer. A large consideration is that you stick to woody floral scents. It shows energy and dedication while also creating the impression that you are mature and dependable.  Hints of fresh scents can allude you are easy-going and friendly though ensure you don’t overdo it.

Scents For Closing That Big Deal 

What's important on this occasion is a perfume that's light and refreshing so it doesn’t linger in the room. This scent should be used sparingly as the fragrance should make its way to others in very light bursts.

You’ll want a woody scent as that's more serious, mature and shows you mean business. And it's recommended to stay away from fresh scents, as this may irritate the nose and cause some clients to become uncomfortable as a result.

Scents For A First Date 

You can decide the perfume you wear by the field of work that your date is in. It might sound a little odd, but it really does work. An athletic man in the same industry is likely to be more attracted to scents from the fresh family, especially those that contain citrus notes.

Alternatively, those in the creative sector often find floral scents to be the most appealing. And if you’re meeting someone older, a woody fragrance is your better option. These deep notes reflect maturity and suggest you are down to earth - features that resonate with an older gentleman.

Scents For Dinner With Friends And Family

You can’t go wrong with a fragrance from the floral family, which suggests you are ready for a good time with the people you love. You don’t want to be overwhelmingly fragrant, just enough that the sweet odours reach those you are with.

If you are having dinner with family or the in-laws, try delicate floral or fresh odours that are both calm and demure. 

Create A Lasting, Positive Impression

There are fragrances for every occasion so start thinking about how you're going to put your ultimate fragrance wardrobe together.  No matter where you are going or who you're meeting, it's essential to have the perfect perfume that accentuates everything else.

The way aroma triggers our deepest emotions should be a rich reminder of how important scent and fragrance is to us all. Use it wisely and you'll see how it enhances both your own experiences and the lives of those around you.