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Goutal Paris

Formerly known as Annick Goutal, Goutal Paris is a niche perfumery house that creates intimate, personal scents. By taking inspiration from nature, poetry and music, each fragrance tells a story to evoke a moment in history, culture or memory for the wearer. These elegant and delicate creations distinguish them from the robust perfumes popularized today. For instance, Eau d’Harien Eau de Parfum celebrates the rare beauty of Tuscany with its fragrant terraces lines with lemon and cypress trees, warm sunshine and ochre Earth. Petite Cherie is another lovely concoction that shows the infinite love between a mother and daughter. The fruity floral fragrance was created by Annick for Camille when she was 23 years old. Enjoy the harmonious blend of mesmerizing scents by the Goutal Paris.

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