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Hervé Gambs

Coeur Couronne Parfum Couture

835 AED

A noble and contemporary fragrance. A bouquet of neroli and jasmine coated by the rare note of the davana flower, an incredible note of candied fruit. A touch of Malgach vanilla to magnify such intense vintage nectar. \n \nNEROLI \nJASMINE \nDAVANA \nMADAGASCAR VANILLA

About Herve Gambs

For more than 20 years, Hervé GAMBS, artistic director and fabric floral design initiator, creates sensory experiences for unconventional luxury seekers. Free-thinker designer, his approach is meticulous and instinctive. He tries various olfactive expressions and succeeds in giving a new refreshing meaning to the French traditional Haute Perfumery. This contrast between raw and extreme sophistication soon became his trademark.

Hervé GAMBS is not a perfumer but a creator that instinctively uses olfactive material as an Art. Far from standard perfumes, his creations are unique and full of true. Each one is a discovery of selected raw ingredients from nature, a focus on asperities and unbelievable subtleties that make their singularity and beauty.

To magnify his compositions, Hervé GAMBS has chosen to go slowly and extend some maceration process to give time to all components to melt quietly and sublimate the heart of each perfume, giving it back more depth and a remarkable long lasting.