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Pantheon Roma

Donna Margherita

840 AED

Donna Margherita is a sensual and fascinating woman. She is hard to resist. Raphael discovers the woman and creates a myth. The processing of the fragrance moves around the most sensual female essence: the tuberose. Narcissus, jasmine and amber make this bouquet deep and intense. Donna Margherita was launched in 2013. \n \nAbout Pantheon Roma \n \nLuxury Italian Fragrances- \nThe most beautiful love story of Italian Renaissance \nin a precious collection of Extrait de Parfum. \n \nPantheon, as the collection is called, has not been created with any claim to being a perfume for everyone, as can be seen at first glance. It has the air of a small but precious jewel, unostentatious - if anything, to be seeked. This is why the brand can be found in just a few highly exclusive shops, carefully entrusted to a few art lovers: whether they are the heads of important stores or small perfume ateliers.