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Garnet 100 ml

810 AED

It is widely known for its hardness, yet captivating for the softness of its warm shine. \n \nJust like the GARNET combines the power of ambition with the softness of affection, Signature – GARNET combines the masculine and the feminine, strength and delicateness. \n \nIt blends gentle and silky rose fragrances with the intense and raw aroma of oud to create a scent that is amazingly powerful and truly exceptional. A scent for the strong-willed and the passionate. \n \nAbout Signature \n \nThe Signature collection is inspired by the variety, character and mystique of precious stones along with the mystery of the Arabian Desert. As colorful as the rainbow, gemstones have captured the imaginations and desires of men & women for ages. They have an immeasurable power as each one of them is unique with its own shine and beauty. Just like people. \n \nWe remember and cherish those, who stand out and have a story to tell. Just like gemstones, we are different. Our moments are different. Our feelings are different.