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Maria Candida


595 AED

Top notes \n \nWinter Lemon, Sicilian Lemon, Ivory Coast Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Black Pepper \nHeart notes \nSycomore, Water Flowers \nBase notes \nMadagascar Cloves, Sri Lanka Sandalwood, Incense \n \nAbout Maria Candida Gentile \n \nMaria Candida Gentile is internationally considered as one of the most appreciated noses. \n \nTrained in Grasse by some of the leading maitre perfumers in the world, she has a very personal and unconventional approach to creation. \n \nHer fragrances are not just tools for seduction or beauty but especially translation of the magic algorithms of nature into harmonies that our body and soul can recognize, understand and love instantly. \n \nMaria Candida Gentile is an artist that uses her favourite medium – scents – to tell us stories, to engage with us in intimate conversations, to lead us in understanding the most elusive of the senses: olfaction.