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Pantheon Roma

Il Giardino 50 ml

840 AED

IL Giardino is the perfume of the “disappeared garden”, a flowered corner that is gone forever with the story of Raphael and Margherita. The only thing that remains of that garden is an incredible memory, filled with emotions. Wet walls and ivy, an old apple tree. Slightly in the background, flowers and woodsmoke. Il Giardino was launched in 2013. \n \nAbout Pantheon Roma \n \nLuxury Italian Fragrances- \nThe most beautiful love story of Italian Renaissance \nin a precious collection of Extrait de Parfum. \n \nPantheon, as the collection is called, has not been created with any claim to being a perfume for everyone, as can be seen at first glance. It has the air of a small but precious jewel, unostentatious - if anything, to be seeked. This is why the brand can be found in just a few highly exclusive shops, carefully entrusted to a few art lovers: whether they are the heads of important stores or small perfume ateliers.